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1 Answer

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  • Navigate to your PHP Admin
  • Navigate to your specific data base
  • Click on the table
  • Run the below query

UPDATE qa_users

SET passcheck = UNHEX(SHA1(CONCAT(LEFT(passsalt, 8), 'newpassword, RIGHT(passsalt, 8))))

WHERE userid = 1;

Replace 1 with the user's id and newpassword with the new password for the user. 

1. Get the password from the PHP function password_hash (you could use a PHP online IDE to do so quickly):

echo password_hash('newpassword', 1);

That should return an wired string. For example, after hashing password P@$$WoRd you should get something like this $2y$10$03DJeBy06S5kTJzVupBQSuPV4vLJMlQx1X5xzGWTcD3/Q9mIzmdBy ‚Äč

2. Once you have the hashed password run the following query:

UPDATE qa_users

SET passhash = 'hashed_password'

WHERE userid = 1;

Replace 1 with the user's id and hashed_password with the hashed password generated in the previous step.